Children’s Book Series About the Pandemic Has Successful Kickstarter Launch

Rate Nate Inc.’s “Quaranthing” book series, a light-hearted and realistically illustrated tale about a strange pandemic world, raised $6,000 on day one. See Kickstarter campaign, running from Oct. 7 to Nov. 5, 2021, here:    
According to the series’ authors, Chrispen Pasipanodya and Nyrika McLean, parents and non-parents alike are relating to the accurate and often funny descriptions found in the books. The books describe how people worked together to try and bring as much normalcy as possible to the world during a historic, difficult time. The authors hope this, “soon-to-be collector’s item” will be used for generations to come to retell the average experience of young children, their parents, and society in general, during the pandemic. After all, the authors had a baby during the pandemic and experienced first-hand how strange the times were.
The authors hope that Quaranthing will be viewed as one of the only positive souvenirs to keep from the pandemic and become a celebration of the triumph of new families. They see the books as a keepsake and soon-to-be collector’s item that will increase in value. The Quaranthing book titles are, “The Beginning”, “The Stages”, and “The End, Maybe”.
Ultimately, the authors’ mission from the books’ success is to “help raise money to support the many babies that lost a parent to Covid-19 during the pandemic.”
Besides through the Kickstarter campaign, people can pre-order the Quaranthing books physical copies (limited print) or download the e-book versions, available in different languages, by going to
If additional fundraising targets are met, the authors will donate copies of the books to schools and libraries with lesser resources. Meeting additional fundraising targets will also lead to the expansion of the Quaranthing universe, possibly even leading to the creation of an animated special.
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Source: Rate Nate Inc.