Chicago Steak Company Shares Its Favorite Beef Cuts for Juicy Steaks

Chicago Steak Company shares the finest beef cuts that ideally become chefs’ favorites at steakhouses across America. The company is home to the finest USDA Prime Beef, loved by Americans who take pride in their presence as a Midwestern company specializing in hand-cut beef.
One can scour a plethora of options when it comes to beef. A glimpse into the butcher’s section or a quick stroll around meat aisles can introduce you to a whole variety of steak cuts. Every Walmart and every Target gives you multiple beef choices, but that does not mean you let confusion drive up and get the best of you.
Rib Eye
Easily one of the prized cuts, adored among steak lovers and chefs both. The rib eye is primarily a boneless cut but can have the rib bone still intact. Some leave it for its aromatic and super-rich flavors, in which case it becomes a cowboy steak, a favorite item in a steakhouse menu. You may have a hard time getting around this gorgeous piece of meat with a knife and fork, but you are quickly taken away by the gnaw and gristles and the crispy fat layer. It all makes up for the best steak eating experience. In fact, some experts believe that the meat is not the jewel that calls for the steak’s worth. It’s the abundance of fat both on the edges and marbled within. It makes a rib eye cut intensely flavorful that every bite is a treat.
Filet Mignon
This cut is a staple of every steak diet and a must-try item. Filet Mignon might be the most tender and soft with its buttery texture dissolving in your mouth. You would merely need a knife to cut it through as it’s mostly devoid of fat. That surely does not mean you are not in for juiciness. Its softness and lasting freshness make it a much sought-after steak item.
Every chef’s hidden gem is the good ol’ hanger. Back about a few decades, it used to be a humble player on the menu, but now it is one of the highly prized items. Its popularity quadrupled over the years, making it one of the best cuts for steaks. Each cut looks the part, almost speaking why it is so pricey. Hanger is sourced from the animal’s stomach, and its astonishingly rich flavor is an absolute bargain. 
New York Strip
Last on our list but often the leader on a menu list. It is not equally tender as a Filet or rich in fat as the rib eye. The New York Strip Steak has got all you want in one. Touted as the “jack of all trades,” this insanely popular item makes up for a perfect dinner. You marvel at the glory of feeling its juices flooding your mouth on every bite.
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