Chemistry Introduces Project Fusion, Infused Pre-Rolls for a Cause

Chemistry recently launched their new product line of live resin infused pre-roll, called Project Fusion. Chemistry’s commitment to science and dedication with expert cultivators has created the new industry standard, made with live full-spectrum oil, from fresh, never frozen, sungrown flower.
Project Fusion was driven by the concept that plants deliver a unique and elusive profile at harvest compared to after curing. As a result, plants are better fresh rather than frozen, and therefore the Chemistry Team is seeking to eliminate the need for freezer trucks and dry ice  storage, which also supports their environmentally conscious ideals.
To achieve this goal, the Team spent years developing a deeper understanding of the plant itself. They have studied the fusion of live profile extracts, curing the flower and the nuances of each strain down to the molecular level. Chemistry has been committed to the concept of taking a single-origin, single cultivar approach.
Project Fusion uses unique strains based on their criteria that the flower remains fresh. The strains are grown using regenerative farming methods under the sun, and not in a greenhouse. The craft cultivators practice energy-conscious regenerative farming methods in Northern California. The entire process supports Chemistry’s mantra: Stay True to the Plant™.
Chemistry has always been committed to testing their products above and beyond the regulatory necessity and has completed testing on every detail of this new line, while also focusing on packaging, inclusive of the necessary child-resistant packaging. In Q1 2021, Project Fusion will be widely available through Chemistry’s retailers – learn where to buy Fusion here.
Infused pre-rolls are currently offered in five strains, with many more to come. Strawana Frosting is an indica pre-roll with a THC and Cannabinoid content of  28.1%. Super-Lemon Haze is a sativa pre-roll with a THC of 26.6% and Cannabinoid content of 29.3%. Watermelon Haze is a hybrid pre-roll with the same THC and Cannabinoid content as Super-Lemon Haze. Pink Jesus is a sativa hybrid pre-roll with a THC content of 33.3% and a Cannabinoid level of 37%. Syprock OG is their first diamond infused pre roll and is a sativa hybrid with a THC content of 32.56% and a Cannabinoid level of 36.58%.
Cannabis for a Cause. Project Fusion donates two percent of sales from Project Fusion pre-rolls to SuperNova Women and Sun+Earth Certification. SuperNova Women is an organization formed to empower women of color to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis economy. SuperNova’s mission is to foster community empowerment through education, advocacy, and network building. Sun+Earth is dedicated to transitioning the cannabis cultivation industry toward a cleaner, healthier, and more ethical future.
Paul Roethle, a PhD level organic chemist, and Founder of Chemistry shared: “Every decision we make is through a lens of sustainability and impact on Mother Earth, along with justice – environmental, criminal, social, and racial justice.” With Project Fusion, they have clearly delivered on that promise — Chemistry is located in Oakland, CA and partners with California-based farms. For more information about Chemistry and Project Fusion, please visit:
Contact: Catrina Morbidelli
Source: Chemistry