Charles King Markline Sr.’s New Book ‘Silver Spoon Diaries—Family Memories’ is a Reflective Account That Recalls Childhood Memories and Expresses Appreciation for Family

Fulton Books author Charles King Markline Sr., a retired officer from United States Air Force and a former college professor, has completed his most recent book “Silver Spoon Diaries—Family Memories”: a remarkable account about a man’s memories of his family presented through documents that have been and will be continuously passed on through generations to show appreciation and cherishment.
Charlie writes, “Why?
“Why did I write this book? There are a number of reasons:
“First, I have a 28x17x18 container full of family memorabilia such as pictures, certificates, ship manifests, newspaper articles, family trees, draft notices, and citizenship papers. Additionally, I have vivid memories of family members who passed on when I was a child, the family rituals, and my own childhood experiences.
“Second, as the oldest grandchild by ten years, I interacted with many relatives whom my siblings and cousins have heard about but never knew first-hand. I felt a need to pass along my memories not only to my siblings and cousins, but also to my children and grandchildren.
“Third, when my grandchildren were little guys, they frequently would say to me, ‘Papa, tell us a story.’ Many of those stories make up a significant portion of The Silver Spoon Diaries—Family Memories.
“Finally, I wrote the book just to prove to myself that I could.
“So, when family and friends ask me why I wrote this, I simply say;
“Why Not?”
Published by Fulton Books, Charles King Markline Sr.’s book is a stirring memoir of childhood memories about a family history for readers to know and understand the things this one family has experienced and inspire them to continue living a meaningful life with loved ones.
Readers who wish to experience this impressive work can purchase “Silver Spoon Diaries—Family Memories” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books