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We’ve all seen them – the “chuggers,” or charity muggers; the people who hang around your high street accosting passers-by to enquire whether they’d like to discuss third-world poverty. Not a likely proposition for anybody on their way to blow a wad on some new togs; anyway, we’re all wise to them now and know that if we stop, they won’t leave us to get on with what we actually wanted to do until they’ve crow barred some money out of us, with nothing to show for it except a vague sense of saintliness. New clothes are more satisfying, frankly.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same chugger twice, which tells me they don’t make much money. All the ads I’ve seen recruiting chuggers tell me how quickly you can be promoted to team leader – which tells me the team leaders can’t wait to chuck it in. Forget all the high-minded do-gooding, it’s a crummy job that you might wish on your worst enemy, but certainly on nobody you loved and respected.

If fundraising is your calling, there are others ways of doing it that don’t involve standing around in the rain and losing all your friends. However, fundraisers are rarely recruited without experience, which is regarded as evidence of your interest and commitment to the voluntary sector. To stand much chance of getting a fundraiser’s job, therefore, you will normally be expected to have a good degree combined with lots of entries of your CV showing what a noble soul you are, and chugging can feature as part of this. But any form of fundraising, including plenty that are far more entertaining and pleasant, will do just as well. So while at university, take full advantage of any opportunity that presents itself and exercise your initiative to create a few more.

Non-fundraising charity jobs are varied with all manner of entry requirements. Competition for charity jobs tends to be strong, and some colleges and universities are offering post-graduate courses focussing on charity work. However, these are probably less valuable than experience that indicates genuine commitment to charitable causes; the more the better.

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