CGTrader Building a Foundation for the Metaverse

In response to the growing demand for 3D models that are optimized for use in virtual reality environments, CGTrader, the world’s largest marketplace for 3D content, is building processes that will encourage creation of 3D model “building blocks” of the system and make it simpler and faster for companies developing metaverse projects to find and purchase those models.
The metaverse is a virtual shared space that may be the next generation of the internet. It is created using a combination of technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), head-mounted displays, artificial intelligence, and more.
These virtual spaces need 3D models as their building blocks, and CGTrader has started seeing a growing market demand, especially from major players like Meta, Nvidia, and others. However, different platforms can have different requirements, and 3D assets are complex. 
In response to that demand and to speed and streamline development of the metaverse, CGTrader is building dedicated listing pages for metaverse software packages and launching a process to rapidly increase the number of compatible 3D models. 
In the first phase, a marketplace model review already has populated the new listing pages with batches of 3D models dedicated to specific metaverses or use cases like Unity, Unreal and TikTok. The second phase will allow the CG Trader designer community of more than 90,000 designers to participate by applying for specific models to have metaverse badges, which can rapidly increase the number of models listed for specific metaverses or use cases.
CGTrader’s third phase is building an automated 3D model validation pipeline to compare and check models to specific requirements, with the ability to convert models into selected specifications.
“Combining all three of these phases, we can grow the number in each category very significantly,” said CGTrader CEO Dalia Lasaite. “This initiative also will help creators, by improving access to the tools for 3D model design for people who have an aesthetic vision but may not yet have developed advanced technical skills.”
CGTrader’s listing structure begins with a focus on six metaverses/other digital platforms categories: 
CGTrader currently lists more than 42,000 metaverse-compatible models available across the six categories, with the number growing daily.  
“Introducing these metaverse 3D model categories will be a good step forward to building more content compatible with all the new digital initiatives, and to initiating collaborations with the leading platforms on how to build more relevant content ready-to-use on their products,” Lasaite said. “The demand on each of the dedicated pages will indicate to us where the market is moving and what type of content our designer community should focus on.”
CGTrader’s next steps, Lasaite said, will be continued work with the designer community to increase the supply, improving the UX of the content users to find what they need, working with the platforms on building more use cases, and sharing those use cases with the 3D community. 
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About CGTrader
Established in 2011, CGTrader is the world’s leading provider of 3D content. More than 500,000 customers globally, including more than 150 Fortune 500 enterprises, trust CGTrader to source and manage three-dimensional content. The company has two core product lines: Marketplace, which unites over 6 million users, and Modelry, the end-to-end 3D content engine.
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