Cedar Expands Financial Engagement Platform Across Healthcare Ecosystem in 2022

The patient financial experience landscape has changed dramatically over the past year, as financial pressures are at an all-time high across the healthcare ecosystem. For patients, out-of-pocket spending has swelled to over $400 billion annually, while hospital operating margins continue to decline amidst a challenging labor market and ongoing supply chain issues. In order to adapt, healthcare organizations are now reevaluating how they engage with their patients and members, taking a more consumer-oriented approach. 
As a result, Cedar, an enterprise financial engagement platform that improves the end-to-end journey for consumers, continued to experience strong demand for its technology suite in 2022, improving consumer engagement and reducing administrative and billing friction across the healthcare industry. 
“We are seeing that traditional approaches to the patient financial experience are no longer driving positive outcomes for healthcare providers, payers or consumers,” said Florian Otto, CEO and Co-founder of Cedar. “Over the past year, we’ve worked with our client partners to improve important metrics around financial results, patient satisfaction and digital engagement, leveraging our expanded Cedar Suite to simplify and optimize consumer experiences along the end-to-end healthcare journey. As we head into 2023, I’m looking forward to introducing new ways to address the systemic challenges consumers face when paying for healthcare.”
Improved financial results and patient satisfaction for the nation’s leading health systems
Through partnerships with more than 55 healthcare organizations, including Novant Health and Summit Health, Cedar was able to drive measurable impact across the healthcare industry: 
Expanded offerings to meet the needs of healthcare providers, payers and consumers 
With two new product offerings, Cedar now offers the only end-to-end patient billing platform that coordinates payer and provider outreach:
Reinforced leadership in—and advocacy for—healthcare consumerism
Cedar fostered opportunities for healthcare organizations to create consumer-grade patient experiences in a competitive marketplace:
Expanded partner ecosystem
Cedar partnered with digital health marketplaces and healthcare technology and services companies, combining expertise and product offering to bring innovation to healthcare and improve the consumer financial experience: 
Cultivated an engaging hybrid work environment
Cedar’s new hybrid workstyle model is designed for the utmost flexibility, giving employees the ability to choose a workstyle that best meets their needs—whether full-time, split between home and office or periodically visiting:
To learn more about Cedar, visit www.cedar.com. 
About Cedar
Cedar is committed to improving the healthcare billing experience for all. With an innovative platform that connects providers and payers, Cedar empowers healthcare consumers with an optimized journey—all powered by data science and interactive design. For Cedar clients, this leads to improved financial outcomes, more efficient operations and greater consumer loyalty. To learn more about why leading U.S. healthcare organizations trust Cedar to manage the end-to-end financial experience from pre-registration to post-visit billing, visit www.cedar.com and join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Source: Cedar