CD BioSciences Releases Meta Analysis Service for Clinical Trials

With over a decade of experience in offering comprehensive clinical trial services, CD BioSciences now introduces meta-analysis services for the research community to assist them to gain maximum information from laboratory experiments and clinical trials. Scientists now are accessible to CD BioSciences to develop a clear and comprehensible plan to conduct meta-analysis, from the formulation of the research question, search of literature, the selection of studies to the selection of meta-analysis model and the examination of sources of between-study.

Meta-analyses usually combine two or more independent trials (often with different designs and conducted for different reasons) into the same analytic framework. In a conceptually similar study, statistical methods are used for meta-analysis to arrive at common truths. In addition to providing estimates of unknown general truths, the meta-analysis is able to compare the results of different studies and determine the patterns between the results, the sources of divergence between these results, or other interesting relationships that may be exposed in multiple researches.

With extensive experience, experts at CD BioSciences can help researchers develop a clear and comprehensible plan to process meta-analysis. Due to the complexity of meta-analysis, CD BioSciences is mainly dedicated to helping clients solve problems including confirming the studies that should be combined in the meta-analysis, dealing with heterogeneity in meta-analysis, choosing proper statistical methods for meta-analysis, and using IPD to summary data.

“We are excited to be able to expand our access to these meta-analysis services and to offer such analytical methods to meet our customers’ need and expectations, and we’re glad to help them accelerate their research process. CD BioSciences guarantees the confidentiality and sensitivity of our customers’ data, as we are committed to providing researchers with timely and high-quality deliverables. At the same time, CD BioSciences’ research capabilities and expertise will provide our customers with cost-effective, complete and concise reports.” said Helen James, senior scientist at CD BioSciences.

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