Catherine Leslie’s New Book ‘Naughty Cat Jack’ is an Interactive Story That Keeps Adorable Young Readers’ Hands and Minds Busy

Fulton Books author Catherine Leslie, a former English teacher and school librarian, has completed her most recent book “Naughty Cat Jack”: an exciting picture book that uses words in repetition to make it graspable for curious young children ages 4-8. This short tale is about Jack, who is dubbed as the naughty one in the household. He usually tries to steal Emily’s sandwich, making the little girl frustrated with his actions. Will Jack ever learn to behave in the end?

Leslie shares, “Being naughty is the theme of this repetitive and interactive picture book. Jack is a brown-and-silver tabby cat that loves to taste the food people eat. Jack tells the story and invites comments from readers as he asks questions. He is constantly naughty as he jumps on the counter while Mom prepares lunch for her daughter, Emily. She gets frustrated and irritated over her mom’s lack of discipline. Children will imitate and laugh as Emily invites her mom to copy her approach to get Jack off the counter.”
Published by Fulton Books, Catherine Leslie’s book is a fun yet educational piece that could help in broadening a child’s vocabulary. It is also a great tool to teach kids on how a certain word is spelled.
This smart and interactive book is a good addition to inquisitive kids’ archive of books.
Readers who wish to experience this charming work can purchase “Naughty Cat Jack” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books