Cassidy Health Launches First-Ever Revenue Cycle Freelance Marketplace Platform

#Cassidy Health is an AI-powered freelance marketplace for the business of medicine. Doctors and medical facilities can find precisely matched, immediately available expert freelancers at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing agencies. Expert freelancers across the full revenue cycle spectrum can work remotely and be their own boss. 
Staffing in the healthcare revenue cycle industry is a significant and growing challenge. With ever-changing laws, policies and a shortage of qualified talent, providers are paying exorbitant agency fees to locate and hire people who often lack directly relevant experience. Plus, with increasingly larger backlogs of work, leading healthcare facilities are facing continual shortages of cash flow. 
CEO and founder Jeff Loney said, “The Cassidy Health platform improves the way healthcare is delivered by making it easier for doctors and hospitals to find expert freelancers who can work remotely with them — reducing administrative burden and costs. Revenue cycle employers can now quickly find experts who are an exact match for their specialized needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing agencies.” 
All healthcare requires revenue cycle management in order to get paid. Nationally, the U.S. spends more than $476 billion a year on RCM. RCM is much more than simply billing and coding. It includes reporting, system implementation and administration, business intelligence and analytics, prior authorizations, payment posting, credentialing, payer contracting, auditing for FWA (fraud, waste and abuse) and compliance, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and consulting. 
Loney continues, “We all know that 60% of all healthcare budgets are for labor. Cassidy Health and the gig economy allow healthcare organizations to meet their staffing needs at a lower cost, and empower revenue cycle professionals by providing flexibility and independence.”
Cassidy is the first technology platform that specifically helps healthcare employers find and hire Revenue Cycle Professionals for Interim Assignments and Projects. Our talent marketplace is designed to address the complicated needs of revenue cycle management. Cassidy Health quietly launched in late July and has a database of over 1,600 curated professionals.
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Jeff Loney, CEO
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