CASPR Group Solution for Cleaner Air & Surface Technology Selected for CIP Apartment Communities

Aspire at CityPlace, a brand-new ultra-luxury apartment and townhome community developed by Commercial Investment Properties (CIP) in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, will open to residents in June with a state-of-the-art system designed to continuously clean the air and surfaces throughout the common areas. The buildings are installing CASPR disinfection technology in all three elevators and common areas including the grand, two-story lobby with sunken lounge, 24-hour fitness center, entertainment suite and work from home spaces.
“We like working with industry leaders who are innovating in the health and wellness space,” said Todd Wiggs, Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development at CASPR Group. “It is a beautiful property and CIP distinguishes themselves by making the investment to provide a safer indoor environment for their residents by providing continuous technology to ensure safer air and surfaces. The Aspire at CityPlace team has been outstanding to work with on this project.”
Commercial Investment Properties has installed the CASPR – Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction — technology in the apartment community, located in Woodbury, Minnesota, during initial construction. CASPR has been awarded “Innovation of Excellence” by NASA for their work on healthcare. Using their healthcare grade technology, the developers installed small individual units inside elevators and larger units in HVAC ductwork throughout the common areas.
“We’re committed to our staff and residents in delivering a safe and clean place for them to live their lives,” said Tom Schleich, Commercial Investment Properties’ CEO. “The future of apartment development demands the creation of safe spaces where our guests can live, work and play. We believe strongly in CASPR’s technology and plan to use it in forthcoming developments as well.”
Unlike disinfection processes that use an episodic ultraviolet (UV) light or harmful chemicals, CASPR’s technology uses a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter process to naturally extract oxygen and moisture from ambient air and then produce and safely deliver continuous trace levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to disinfect indoor spaces. The result is an automated and continuous reduction of air and surface viruses and bacteria in a way that is safe for use in spaces occupied with people, pets and plants, and with no need to modify existing custodial processes.
“Being able to offer clean, healthy environments for everyone is our mission at CASPR Group, and having the technology at work in Aspire at CityPlace will benefit residents and guests immensely,” said Dr. Christophe Suchy, co-founder and chief inventor of CASPR Group. “Our technology has been proven to kill 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses within 24 hours, which gives our customers peace of mind and a safe environment to meet the needs of those they serve.”
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