Cash Home Buyers in Akron Are Ready to Buy Properties Despite COVID-19

The Wholesome Home Buyer is a local cash home buyer in Akron, and they have made arrangements to ensure everyone’s safety during the home buying process. The Wholesome Home Buyer team does not visit clients unless necessary, and all negotiations are done virtually through video conferences and phone calls.

“Despite the pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, people have to sell their homes and move. Our physical offices are closed, but that hasn’t stopped us from helping homeowners get out of sticky situations. Clients can call us anytime to schedule a virtual walkthrough via Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Zoom. We’ll remotely inspect the property and make an offer,” says a spokesperson from The Wholesome Home Buyer.

When a team member has to visit the property, all local regulations and guidelines are followed. These regulations include maintaining social distancing, wearing gloves, masks, shoe coverings, and other protective wear, and using sanitizers whenever possible. Clients and The Wholesome Home Buyer team are instructed not to touch anything and regularly sterilize the house. This is especially important if a technician or repairman has to visit the property.

“So far, we have not witnessed any problems thanks to the extreme care taken by our staff and clients. But we still encourage people to visit the doctor immediately if they feel any sign of illness,” adds the spokesperson.

The Akron-based cash home buyer believes that this is a great time to sell a house. Hundreds of houses are being purchased and sold every day, and there is no reason why homeowners should give up opportunities just because they’re stuck with their houses. Property owners can always contact the cash home buyer in Akron to know how they sell their house quickly and what coronavirus precautions are in place.

About The Wholesome Home Buyer:

The Wholesome Home Buyer is an Akron-based cash home buyer offering to help property owners sell their property despite the coronavirus situation.

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