CAS Hires a New SMS Manager

Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS) is excited to announce the hiring of a new SMS Manager, Yeshua David Kesse-Beda. In his role, Kesse-Beda will assist in the creation of safety control policies and processes, with an emphasis on the development of risk assessments and training techniques. He will ensure that the safety management system satisfies regulatory, customer, and business criteria.
Currently, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 5 creates the general framework for an SMS for aircraft operators certified under part 121. However, for non-Part 121 operators, MROs, and Training Organizations, there are no such requirements at this time.
Nonetheless, CAS has taken it upon itself to embrace its mission in keeping with CAS’s safety-first objective, therefore, it seeks to stay ahead of the curve by implementing strategic measures to strengthen the organization’s safety culture by adopting a proactive approach in hazard awareness and management.
This is where SMS Manager Kesse-Beda plays a critical role. He will take the lead in integrating a successful SMS with important components such as 1) a safety policy, 2) safety risk management, 3) safety assurance, and 4) safety promotion, drawing on his expertise in aviation safety and operational aircraft maintenance.
It is Kesse-Beda’s goal to implement a system that will be easy to use and understand so that the entire organization can feel confident in utilizing the system. Kesse-Beda says, “At CAS, safety is our top priority and we do not compromise our safety standards to ‘get the job done.'”
Kesse-Beda is currently working on his Ph.D. in Aviation Sciences from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) College of Aeronautics with an aim in Aviation Safety, Human Factors, and Safety Management System.
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