CAS Announces the Purchase of a New A&P Hydraulics Universal Test Stand

Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS), Announced the purchase of a new Series 920 Universal Independent Dual System Hydraulic Test Stand. The Series 920 stand is manufactured by A&P Hydraulics based in Landrum, South Carolina. 
Series 920 Universal Independent Dual System Hydraulic Test Stand
The Series 920 stand features 80gpm, 5,000psi independent dual systems which will be utilized to test hydraulic components such as Thrust Reverser Actuators, Servos, Braking Manifolds, Linear Actuators, Power Transfer Units, Primary Control Actuators, etc. The test stand also has a hydraulic pump and motor test system for testing
Engine Driven Pumps, AC Motor Pumps and Hydraulic Motor Generators.
CAS’ President of Components, Brad Caban, stated, “Before COVID-19 we always seemed to be a little too busy to focus on expansion. There is even an expression that says, ‘I’m too busy chopping wood to sharpen my ax.’  Well, with this pandemic we are taking this time to ‘sharpen our ax’ and expand our capabilities and capacity. Prior to the pandemic, there were times when all three existing hydraulic test stands were occupied with UUTs (units under test) and technicians were waiting to get time on the stands. With the addition of these new test stands, we will effectively double our throughput capability in our hydraulic shop.”
CAS operates its FAA-certified component repair facility in Fairhope, Alabama, specializing in overhauling and repairing pneumatic as well as hydraulic components.
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