Canadian Online Muslim Dispute Resolution Org. Expands Into Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and the Middle East

Sulha Solutions is the world’s first Global Muslim Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) non-profit organization established in Canada focused on spreading peace and conciliation globally.
Operating out of Toronto, Canada, Sulha Solutions has become home to the world’s leading and expert Muslim mediators and arbitrators, with the roster consisting of leading world-class mediators, arbitrators and conflict resolution experts who have successfully resolved countless complex disputes internationally.
The organization has now successfully expanded its services into Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and the Middle East with the appointment of two expert mediators and arbitrators, Syed Mustafa Mahdi, FCIArb, and Salwa Khairallah, FCIArb, who are practising in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and the Middle East.
Sulha Solutions was established by Ibrahim Hussain, MCIArb, a globally renowned Imam (Islamic scholar), interfaith leader, entrepreneur, and Online Dispute Resolution trainer and thought leader.
Ibrahim Hussain, MCIArb, founder and President of Sulha Solutions, commenting on the expansion of Sulha Solutions, said, “Muslim communities are growing exponentially globally and, along with this constant growth, have arised the challenges of navigating through difficult disputes and conflicts within our homes, businesses and organizations. 
“Our vision is to support our Muslim communities globally by providing them access to the world’s leading Muslim Online Dispute Resolution professionals who are highly skilled and qualified, and who can provide them with proficient, efficient, and contingent solutions to resolve their disputes.”
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Sulha Solutions
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Source: Sulha Solutions