Canadian AI Company, Chata, Joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Chata today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Technology Partner, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to seamlessly embed data on demand features within business applications and platforms with their AutoQL offering. AutoQL is an API-first solution that dynamically translates natural language into SQL, so business users can interface with their data directly, simply by asking questions in everyday language.
As a Google Cloud partner, Chata offers customers embeddable, AI-driven technology that makes accessing business data intuitive for everyone from the front lines to the C-suite. With AutoQL, anyone can leverage the power of business intelligence, enabling every worker to access data at their fingertips, act on insights, and successfully navigate a new era of digital transformation.
Key features include:
“Today’s business users expect self-service tools that enable them to find the information they need in real time. Everyone, even non-technical individuals, are required to execute on data-driven strategy every day to push their business forward. AutoQL eliminates barriers between teams and their data so they can gain insight into their business faster and make decisions that empower them to get ahead in a competitive economic landscape,” says Chata CEO Kelly Cherniwchan.
Learn more about how AutoQL can help Google Cloud customers revolutionize data access here. 
Chata is revolutionizing the way business users access their data with their flagship solution, AutoQL. Chata’s vision is to make data access intuitive for every type of user, even non-technical individuals, so that today’s leading businesses can get ahead with data-driven strategy and decision making. Embeddable in any software, AutoQL is an API-first offering that leverages cutting-edge proprietary technology to dynamically translate natural language to database query languages. With AutoQL, anyone can get the answers they need from their database just by asking questions in their own words and receiving immediate answers.
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Source: Chata