Can One Get a Rewards Credit Card With No Annual Fee?

iQuanti: Rewards credit cards offer you the ability to earn cash or travel miles back for the purchases you make every day. These can help you save some money or have extra cash available to spend.
However, many of these cards come with annual fees that can potentially reduce or even cancel out the cashback benefits you earn over the year. Let’s dive deeper into how annual fees work and the benefits of getting a rewards credit card with no annual fee.
How do annual fees work?
Credit cards with annual fees will charge you that fee once per year and add it to your balance. You’re usually charged in the same month that you opened the card. For instance, if you get a card in December of 2021, you’ll pay the fee that month. Then, you’ll pay your next fee in December of 2022.
Many rewards cards have these fees to cover the benefits offered. So, if you don’t use many of the benefits the credit card offers, the fee can make the card not worth it.
Benefits of credit cards with no annual fees
Here are some benefits of credit cards with no annual fees:
Better for budgeting
Not paying an annual fee every year can save you money. It can also make expenses more predictable since you won’t get caught off-guard with your yearly fee.
Easier to get approval
Since they tend to offer more benefits, many cards with annual fees approve people with excellent, great, or good credit scores. 
On the other hand, many credit cards with no annual fees are more accessible to people with a wider range of credit scores. This can allow people with poor or fair credit to earn rewards and build their credit. 
Great for building credit
Since cards with no annual fee tend to have lower requirements, they’re great for people with no history or a low score to build or rebuild their credit scores while earning rewards.
Great rewards
Forgoing an annual fee and advanced perks doesn’t mean you have to ditch great rewards. Many rewards credit cards with no annual fees still offer excellent rewards structures, such as 5% back on rotating categories or 2 to 3% back on essentials like gas and groceries.
Ditch the annual fee without ditching rewards
Not everyone wants or can afford credit card annual fees, but luckily, there are many rewards cards without them. Credit cards without annual fees make it easy for beginners or people with poor or fair credit to work on their scores while earning great rewards. Overall, they make credit cards and rewards more accessible.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.