California Rehab Campus Launches New Website With Addiction Treatment Information and Resources in Orange County

California Rehab Campus has officially launched its new website for addiction treatment services, combining an intuitive user-friendly experience with a full database of frequently asked questions and answers about addiction treatment.
The California Rehab Campus organization, managed and operated by Alter Health Group, is committed to providing the highest quality of information and services for the public and potential clients.
For individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, the pandemic has been particularly challenging. According to a study by the KFF in June 2020, people were reporting a 12% increase in alcohol consumption. The same study found that, in particular, three groups are especially at high risk of increased depression, anxiety, and substance abuse due to the pandemic’s impact on mental health. Those three groups are young adults, people who have lost their job, and essential workers. People in these categories are seeing higher numbers of starting or increasing substance abuse of drugs and alcohol.
California Rehab Campus offers life-changing addiction treatment, primarily focusing on substance and alcohol abuse programs which also includes co-occurring disorders. These evidence-based programs are designed to help clients overcome their addiction and give them the tools they need to recover and continue living a sober, healthy lifestyle after treatment.
The facility offers the following treatment programs:
The pandemic has been hard on everyone. The most important thing people can do is recognize when they need help and reach out for support.
California Rehab Campus can help in times of need. Getting professional help guarantees the highest chance for a successful recovery. All staff at the facility are trained and accredited to help with any type of addiction treatment.
To find out more, visit the website today or book an appointment by calling (949) 763-3894.
Contact Details:
California Rehab Campus – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

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Source: Alter Health Group