CAD Xpediters Launches Xpediter for SolidWorks (TM), an Automation Software

CAD Xpediters, a CAD software automation services provider, announced today that its Xpediter software has been launched for SolidWorksTM.
“Xpediter is a unique software set of tools, which allows users of SolidWorksTM to automate frequently used processes like Batch Printing in a very user-friendly way,” said Stefan Cveticanin, CAD Xpediters’ Chief Technology Officer. “Xpediter was created out of need, seeing engineers struggle with tedious tasks like drawings printing, which take a lot of time, and due to repetitiveness increase chance of error, which can be very costly. Our clients report that Xpediter successfully reduced all these tasks to only a small fraction of time needed before, at a very affordable monthly subscription.”
Xpediter for SolidWorksTM is a software that is running in parallel with SolidWorksTM, allowing users with a few simple selections to automate seven processes such as Batch Print, Custom Properties, Renaming, Barcode, Flat Patterns, Multi Body, and Auto Quantity.
“Xpediter was developed over the course of time, based on the feedback and real-life business needs of our clients, and although we are already receiving excellent feedback, it will continue to be developed through adding additional features, and also for other popular CAD platforms besides SolidWorksTM,” said Djordje Relic, Chief Information Officer.
“Ultimately, our vision in the near future is to make CAD Xpediters a market leader when it comes to CAD software automation solutions. We are starting to offer custom software automation solutions, which will be tailored to the specific needs of each client, and done on a project basis,” added Cveticanin.
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