C.C. Matthews’ New Book ‘Poetry of the Heart and Mind’ is a Motivational Set of Poems About Taking Life Chances and Creating a Brighter Future

Fulton Books author C.C. Matthews, a passionate literary artist who loves traveling across the United States, has completed his most recent book “Poetry of the Heart and Mind”: a moving poetic writing that shares thoughts, emotions, and experiences which help people find comfort as they deal with life pressure.
Matthews writes, “Poetry of the Heart and Mind is not simply just about loss, love, and pain. It’s much more than that. The author wanted to convey simple words to bring out the deepest emotions many people choose not to show either because they think it’s a sign of weakness or not manly. It was a way for the author to his head straight from life. The author chose to share his thoughts with the world to help those who think there is no one to help them. Knowing everyone has different ways of dealing with life’s crazy turns, just remember to always look on the brighter side of things and push forward. Know when one takes a chance to experience new things because they simply never know where it can lead you. Life is too short to dwell on what was. Focus on what one can take from their past to create a brighter future.
Writing is very therapeutic for the heart, mind, and soul. As you read this book, you will experience love, passion, anguish, self-doubt, compassion, and eventually hope. There is help everywhere. Talk to a close friend or family member, write, sing, play an instrument, and find what works. Don’t waste time because it is short and valuable. Cherish every moment because life will always throw a curveball!
The author’s hope is that after the reader finishes reading this book, they’ll understand that even though people have different circumstances, they all still have basic and fundamental commonality, and that’s being human.”
Published by Fulton Books, C.C. Matthews’ book is an encouraging read that soothes the heart, mind, and soul by allowing the readers to create a positive mindset to deal with different life circumstances.
This book also reminds the readers to value time and cherish moments with loved ones because life is filled with unpredictable moments.
Readers who wish to experience this reflective work can purchase “Poetry of the Heart and Mind” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books