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The same combinations of factors that have promoted sky-high prices for prescription drugs in America continue unchecked today, and fewer and fewer medications are covered under Medicare Part D. This problem has been exacerbated by the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered the economies of both countries in North America, and many people find themselves less gainfully employed than they used to be. Those without extended health insurance covering mediation feel this pinch the most, and they stand to benefit most from an online pharmacy like Canada Pharmacy.
Logic would dictate that the vastly larger population in the USA would mean more production of medications and lower prices on them as a result. That should be the case in comparison to Canada – a country with 1/10th  the population of the U.S. – yet the opposite reality is true. Many of the medications Americans struggle to afford can be purchased for much less in Canada. The U.S. pharma industry is geared to be much more for-profit, but that’s just one of the reasons drugs cost more in America than Canada.
The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) takes a very ‘hands off’ approach when it comes to prices set for pharmaceuticals. Drugs are nearly always priced as the manufacturer sees fit, and that’s always the case when a manufacturer has the standard five-year patent on the production of drugs. Until they expire, a less expensive generic version of the medication won’t be available, and this is part of the reason you see such high prices attached to the most effective drugs for treating chronic health conditions.
For all these reasons and more, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of ordering drugs online from outside of the country. Health Canada is the equivalent of the FDA in Canada, and as a regulatory body, they act very oppositely from the American counterpart and regulate how Rx medications are priced. Online pharmacies in Canada have lower dispensing fees too, and their quality controls are equally as good and stringent as US pharmacies.
Interested individuals who want assurances about this quality and solid business practices with a Canadian pharmacy can reference the 63 Canadian online pharmacies that are certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.
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