Businesses Have More Options With Liberty

As a participating lender in the Australian Government’s SME Recovery Loan Scheme and with a wide range of products from lines of credit to secured and non-mortgage-backed options, there are loans for those looking to rebuild and those looking to boom.
Many small businesses struggle to stand out in today’s competitive market, and often need help. Secured and unsecured business loans can provide the much-needed funding to take a business to the next level.
The types of small business loans available from non-bank lenders such as Liberty can provide more opportunities for small businesses of all sizes to establish themselves within their market and reach their growth goals.
Business owners with either commercial or residential assets may look for a secured business loan to fund their business growth. Borrowing larger loan amounts at competitive interest rates is much more achievable when providing property as security for the loan. This is because asset-backed mortgage securities are generally considered lower risk from the lender’s perspective. In the event things don’t go to plan, loss recovery is generally achievable by selling the property.
If business owners are not willing or are unable to provide real estate as security for any new loan, an unsecured business loan is an alternative. Depending on the size and performance of the business, they may be able to borrow funds leveraging their business as security. The lender will then obtain a charge against the business to protect the lender’s financial position. An unsecured loan doesn’t require any real estate assets as security, however, the application will require current financial transactional data.
If a company is larger and can provide property as collateral, a secured business loan could be a perfect choice. If the business is smaller and doesn’t have property assets readily available, or it needs funds fast, an unsecured business loan might be the smarter choice.
Business loans available from Liberty could provide a business with the support it needs to grow, regardless of size. And for those looking for unsecured business loans, Liberty’s Lift business lending product offers a solution without the need for mortgage security. And, with its specialist credit assessment practices, Liberty can even help businesses with lower credit scores to secure small business loans.  
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