Businesses Are Using to Explore Creative Financing Options for New Business Ventures

Daring entrepreneurs are looking at the optimism in the U.S. economy and are eager to take advantage. With’s easy and affordable press release distribution, businesses are exploring new financing options like crowdfunding and venture capitalism for funding new business ventures while at the same time growing the company’s publicity. 
“New and innovative financing options yield additional value through the publicity they create,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Many new funding rounds conducted through popular sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are publicity campaigns in and of themselves and have the added effect of generating value through awareness while raising money.”
From solopreneurs to small development teams, organizations of all sizes are utilizing crowdfunding in a way that helps bring projects to life. Some of the most popular crowdfunding sites include:
Reward crowdsourcing, debt crowdfunding, and equity crowdfunding are the three most common types of crowdsourcing. With reward crowdfunding, businesses generate cash by reaching out to supporters who, in exchange for pledging a set amount, receive a gift or early product sample. With debt crowdfunding, businesses acquire a loan and have to pay it back within a certain amount of time. With equity crowdfunding, the company distributes a specified percentage of ownership to those who contributed money.
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