Business Leaders Use Press Release Distribution to Generate Leads

Whether it’s through paid advertising, cold outreach, building a presence on social media, or referrals, to name a few examples, CEOs and other business leaders are continually looking for ways to generate new leads. 
Though all viable options, one that might be overlooked, despite its effectiveness, is press release distribution.
“For companies of all sizes and industries, press release distribution can be a powerful marketing vehicle to build brand awareness and generate leads,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “Leveraging different lead generation avenues is a great way to diversify your approach in order to meet and exceed your marketing objectives.”
Awareness is the catalyst to the success of a business, and press release distribution helps company’s amplify their messaging to reach their target audience and relevant media publications. 
When more people understand the products and services a business provides, the more likely they’ll be to engage. For businesses, this awareness and curiosity can attract new leads and opportunities to create new customers. 
“Companies that lean on press release distribution are setting themselves up to earn media mentions that in turn build trust, bolster a good reputation, and create positive publicity, all of which are critical for effective lead generation,” Terenzio added. 
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