BuildingReports® Announces Southeast Asia Expansion for Leading Mobile Inspection and Web-Based Reporting Solutions

BuildingReports, the Atlanta-headquartered leading provider of mobile and web-based technology solutions for the fire and life safety industry, has partnered with Philippines-based Digitrack Pte. Ltd. to grow its international presence. The announcement comes on the heels of BuildingReports’ recent launch of multilingual functionality in early 2022.
The new partnership adds to the international presence established in Latin America and long-time partnership with Canadian licensee Building Reports Canada. “The addition of BuildingReports Philippines to the BuildingReports family of companies and licensees is a significant step in our continued growth,” said Jason Kronz, BuildingReports President and Chief Technology Officer. “BuildingReports is pleased to partner with an industry service leader in the region to license our solutions to other service providers to help protect people and property.”
“We look forward to helping service companies and facilities in our region improve their fire prevention and protection efforts while reducing liability as a partner of the industry-leading technology provider,” says Digitrack General Manager, Joshua Martin C. Casten. “As compliance requirements evolve and building system technologies advance, automating the inspection and reporting process becomes increasingly imperative to ensure requirements are met.”
BuildingReports was founded in 2000, and its flagship mobile application suite, ScanSeries®, allows inspection, testing and maintenance companies to conduct verifiable inspections using a device barcoding and scanning process. Digitrack currently operates across Asia and Africa providing firefighting, fire detection. and alarm system services for the industrial market, ranging from light manufacturing to heavy industrial facilities.
About BuildingReportsBuilding safety compliance is critical to the servicing of companies, building owners and fire and safety officials charged with safeguarding occupants. BuildingReports’ mobile and online inspection reporting tools provide easily verifiable inspection reports to help inspectors quickly gather data on fire and life safety devices to ensure that they are working properly and up to code and identify actions needed to meet compliance. With more than 18 billion square feet of floor space inspected in more than 1 million buildings to date, BuildingReports has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting. Learn more at
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