Buddie, a Scalp and Hair Care Device Using Clinically Proven Technology, to Soon Launch on Indiegogo

ROOTONIX Co., Ltd., a leading Korean start-up specializing in scalp care, is preparing to launch its newest product Buddie on Indiegogo. This will be the company’s first crowdfunding debut after gaining a considerable amount of respect from professionals at international patent exhibitions as well as being cleared by the FCC, KC, and CE.
Buddie is an innovative scalp care product composed of two parts – the patch and the device – to send nutrients to the head for optimal hair growth. The patch contains a serum that’s formulated with natural and effective ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, salicylic acid, green tea extract, and ginger root extract. The device incorporates treatment methods of iontophoresis and Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS), which are found in physical therapy, to efficiently spread the patch nutrients to the scalp.
What makes Buddie exceptional is the marriage of these two components. The patch is attached to the device and placed behind the ears or on the shoulders. Once turned on, it sends microcurrents to help absorb the nutrients faster into the skin, which then enter the bloodstream and flow up to the scalp, ensuring the nutrients are evenly dispersed throughout. Unlike other hair care products, such as oils, laser-therapy helmets, or shampoos that attempt to treat the hair from the outside in, Buddie directly delivers nutrients to the hair follicles from within one’s system.
Most recently, the ROOTONIX team had participated in CES 2021, gaining attention from peers and investors. CEO Rio Jeong expressed his excitement to finally unveil the company’s product to the crowdfunding community for the first time. “We can’t wait to share Buddie with early adopters who believe in small teams like ours changing the game.” 
About Buddie’s Indiegogo Campaign
Starting April 19, 2021, Buddie will be available for pre-order at a discount up to 35% off retail for 30 days on Indiegogo. In order to learn more about the ROOTONIX team and Buddie, please visit http://rootonix.com/ or find it on Indiegogo.com after its launch.
Source: ROOTONIX Co., Ltd.