btwn Launches ‘Support AAPI Restaurants’ to Help AAPI Community in NYC

btwn app, an automated referral marketing platform, launches the Support AAPI Restaurants campaign in New York City in order to help the AAPI restaurant industry as racial violence and discrimination against Asian people surge around the country. 
Since the past year, misconceptions about COVID-19 resulted in a significant increase in xenophobic feelings towards the AAPI community. Along with the intensifying Asian hate, the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have caused a drop in reservations and pedestrian traffic to Chinatown and AAPI-owned restaurants in the long term.
As New York City expects to reopen the city at full capacity in the next couple of months, btwn launches Support AAPI Restaurants for AAPI-owned restaurants in NYC. btwn is a referral marketing platform that helps businesses grow with word-of-mouth referrals.  
Rather than normalizing the spread of hate against Asian Americans, btwn hopes to press forward the message of positivity, inclusion and the celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander’s culture. This can be easily done by finding an AAPI owned restaurant that customers enjoy and sharing the business with their friends and family.  
btwn allows the users to share their reviews with friends and family through word of mouth. Whenever their friends make a purchase based on their recommendation, btwn users will get cashback from the business they referred. Customers can also make referrals by dining in with other btwn users and splitting a bill.
Businesses can join the program for free and will only be paying for 10% cashback rewards to their customers when referrals occur. For the Support AAPI Restaurants campaign, btwn will be covering all referral fees for AAPI-owned restaurants and cafes in NYC for three months. “We hope to bring them their loyal customers and new customers to ease their economic burden,” said Mike Yoo (Founder & CEO of btwn), “together we can go back to the pre-COVID era.”  
By giving customers an incentive to visit, btwn hopes to bring back pedestrian traffic by highlighting the vibrant cuisine of APPI restaurants in NYC. 
The benefits of the campaign include the following.
AAPI-owned restaurants and cafes can join on the btwn app website.  
Contact for more information.
Source: btwn