BT Mack Launches New Website

BT Mack — a managed services provider (MSP) serving businesses in Salt Lake City — proudly announces the launch of its redesigned website. The new professional and personable design celebrate BT Mack’s strong presence in the Salt Lake City area.  
The site captures BT Mack’s emphasis on high-quality technology to service a wide mix of industries, such as manufacturing and K-12 education. The goal with the new design was to provide clients with a warm and personable virtual experience that shows all that BT Mack delivers.
“We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch our new website,” said Brian Welch, BT Mack’s Chief Operating Officer. “The bold look mirrors the momentum we’ve built as the premier MSP in Salt Lake City. The fresh, professional design represents our serious commitment to meet all of the needs of our valued customers.”
The content and layout are compatible with all endpoints, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In addition to a comprehensive list of services, some of the features of the site include BT Mack’s partnerships, industries, and career openings. 
About BT Mack 
BT Mack is a premier MSP serving businesses in Salt Lake City, offering a wide range of solutions to help small, medium-sized, and enterprise businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive. BT Mack’s portfolio includes managed security, IT consulting, and cloud services. For more information about BT Mack, visit their website or call 877-9BT-MACK. 
Source: BT Mack