BSH’s oPay Set To Revolutionize Payroll Processing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- In their commitment to delivering accurate and timely payment solutions to companies across the Middle East, premier payroll and HCM or human capital management services provider, BSH’s oPay is set to revolutionize payroll processing.

Developed by the company themself, oPay is an advanced payroll application that enables complete automation for employee payment-related processes. This innovative system seamlessly integrates with leading HR platforms to answer all company needs and necessities and deliver an end-to-end automated process driven by one-click actions.

The team from BSH further explain,

“Along with adapting to the ever-changing landscape of Human Resources, advanced payroll systems also need to be able to maximize the settlement amount from commissions, bonuses, and overtime payments due to employees each month. All these unique and smart features can only be provided by a highly advanced HR system such as our oPay. “

oPay enables one-click generation, meaning it allows instant updates and integration throughout the entire payroll system with just one click. It has greater control over payroll, including the last-minute configuration of salary dates and delivery of payslips. BSH continues,

“oPay’s technology enables HR managers to monitor the entire payroll process effectively as the software allows complete control of management information. This regulatory function facilitates fast, accurate, and reliable audits – thereby furthering its capability to guarantee a high-level automated payroll system.”

BSH continues to innovate and develop HR management solutions like oPay to offer comprehensive packages that efficiently address the challenges that contemporary payroll management teams face, such as automation, payroll accuracy, multi-currency payroll, and adaptability.

About BSH
BSH is the leading provider of state-of-the-art proprietary solutions in the Middle East market. These solutions streamline HCM processes and reduce costs. BSH has positioned itself as one of the most sought after global payroll solutions provider, including a 10-year partnership with the HSM authority, ADP, and other multinational companies.