Brid.TV Launches Video Ad Performance Platform That Streamlines Prebid Management

Brid.TV, a fast-growing tech company offering a powerful video platform and extensive monetization options, revealed the launch of Video Ad Performance Platform (VAPP), a brand-new prebid management system that streamlines the prebidding process. Video Ad Performance Platform is purpose-built for online monetization to maximize ad revenue and facilitate prebid management.
VAPP is a platform built on top of Brid.TV’s header bidding system designed to streamline prebid management. It is tailored for ad agencies, ad networks, and other companies that handle a lot of publishers looking to monetize their online videos. Brid.TV VAPP comes with an intuitive CMS that is easy to use, allowing clients to set up advanced prebids at scale and configure them in just a few clicks.
“Brid.TV develops advanced solutions for publishers and content creators around the world,” said Igor Damic, Senior Publisher Relations Manager at Brid.TV. “When we started developing Video Ad Performance Platform, we analyzed the advertising industry to determine how we could help ad networks and ad agencies in their prebid efforts. The result is VAPP, an easy-to-use platform that maximizes ad revenue and streamlines video prebidding.”
Brid.TV VAPP features detailed ad analytics for instream and outstream videos, which will help publishers monitor the performance of their campaigns. On top of that, VAPP is also equipped with various audience targeting options, and it enables publishers to set up custom pricing and CPM for each of them.
For more information on Brid.TV Video Ad Performance Platform, contact Brid.TV here.
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Brid.TV is a powerful enterprise-level cross-device online video platform, which offers a wide range of ad solutions. Publishers can host, encode and monetize their videos any way they want, with free ad support from our platform.
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