Bricole Reincke Launches Her Creative Website During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since last year, people have had to make significant changes to their daily lives to adjust to the new normal in which the world is living with COVID-19. For Bricole Reincke, during her time in social isolation, she has spent her free time expanding her creative side through painting, photography, jewelry making, and even horseback riding.
Bricole Reincke had a love of horses for her entire life, but she took up horseback riding only within the last few years and then moved into local amateur competitions. Her introduction to horseback riding and the world of competitive riding is a source of pride for her but also one of creative expression. There are meditative components and creativity in horseback riding, not always necessarily associated with the equestrian community. 
For many of us, a simple walk outside helps to lighten our mood and increase productivity. For Bricole Reincke, horseback riding allows her to get out in the fresh air and relax her mind, resulting in a more productive life. Her ability to confidently communicate to her horse directly through subtle movements on the field creates a real mind and body connection that fuels her creativity, even when she’s miles away from the barn. 
Bricole Reincke even makes the connection between horseback riding and her marketing career, as both are all about timing and anticipating and reacting instinctively to circumstances. In her profession, Bricole deals with various challenges across the course of a day and frequently pulls from her creative side to solve problems effectively and efficiently. 
Recently, Bricole Reincke launched a creative website to share the importance of creativity in her life as a problem-solving tool and offers tools for growing your imagination and expression as an adult. Bricole believes that creativity is a fundamental part of being human, but some overlook it as an instrumental piece of everyday life. Still, it’s so essential for everyone to make time and space to find something they have passion for and grow their creativity that will inevitably spill over into other parts of their lives. 
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Source: Bricole Reincke