BoxSquared, a U.S.-Based Cardboard Furniture Company, Provides a Vital New Addition to the Home Furnishings Market

BoxSquared announces the launch of its cardboard furniture line, made up of products created entirely of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard and crafted with form, function, and the environment in mind. 
BoxSquared’s products are simple to build in minutes without any tools required, are foldable and easy to put away, and are manufactured entirely in the U.S. The new brand’s launch begins with a cardboard pop-up kids’ desk, a solution for remote learning and teaching facilities. Families and educational centers can benefit from the desk’s flexibility since it is quick and easy to set up, fold down, and store. 
“At first, BoxSquared was a solution for e-learning. We originally created a product to help parents and kids with remote learning during the pandemic. Then, we realized that the functionality of cardboard furniture extends far beyond this use case. It’s a material that can be used to craft modular and sustainable pieces of all types. There aren’t any other brands in the U.S. selling domestically made, affordable cardboard furniture, and that’s why we’re so excited to unveil our products,” said Robert McKinney, CEO of BoxSquared. McKinney is also the President of Baron Manufacturing, based in Itasca, Illinois. 
BoxSquared’s mission is to create furniture that actually works for consumers’ needs.  
Because cardboard furniture is mobile and easy to set up in minutes, it is accessible to workplaces and education spaces. On top of being a welcome addition to the home, the kids’ desk is also an innovative solution for schools, libraries, and tutoring centers.
Because BoxSquared is domestically made, the company also eliminates the supply chain issues prevalent in the home furnishings market today. Supply chain issues and factories overseas don’t dictate the stock, making the BoxSquared collection readily available for consumers’ needs now.
According to McKinney, “We’re not looking to disrupt the furniture market or become an alternative to high-end furniture; instead, we want to be a vital new addition to the market that doesn’t widely exist in the U.S. yet. Instead of feeling forced into buying an expensive piece that you don’t really want or holding onto furniture that doesn’t serve you anymore, BoxSquared offers pieces that free you and don’t weigh you down. And once your cardboard furniture has served its purpose, you can recycle it with no landfill guilt. We’re all about forward-focused thinking.”
BoxSquared’s cardboard children’s desk is available for sale now, with the option to purchase a single desk or a commercial pack of desks. While BoxSquared’s launch begins with the kids’ desk and LED desk lamp, more pieces will be added to the collection, including cardboard chairs, dressers, nightstands, and more.
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