BOOKISH New art in Covid-times A special exhibition inspired by books

New art in Covid-times
A special exhibition inspired by books

“Susan Hensel’s latest work is a continuation and evolution of her renowned artist books. In the new online series titled Bookish, she presents fabric and multi-media pieces that depict the book liberated by Hensel’s vision and veneration, picking up themes from past work and developing fresh perspectives. The series represents the deep reservoir of ideas and approaches born out of a long relationship between an artist and her subject matter.”- Jonathon M Clark, independent critic

-Minneapolis, MN and worldwide-

As the art exhibition world remains sleepy during the pandemic, waking-up oh so slowly around the nation, artists and galleries are moving exhibitions and sales online. So, too, is the textile artist Susan Hensel, introducing new, never before seen artwork to the online audience. BOOKISH will open simultaneously at and

After years of establishing and running experimental galleries, Susan returned to the studio full time in 2013, creating a groundbreaking new approach to color and textiles, marrying modern production technology with traditionally woman-centered “craft” into a new fine art form that soothes and calms us in frenetic times.

This new work is a direct outgrowth of her well-established history in artists books and a welcome “pandemic-return” to works of intense intimacy. These are works that can, and perhaps should, be handled. Wordless though they are, they beg to be read, rearranged, moved in the light and caressed.

Susan Hensel has said, “During these hot house times people are re-forming how they work, where they work and why they work: home offices, bills to pay, personal purpose and a desire to make the world a kinder place.” These new books provide a relaxing moment of contemplation.

Learn about contemporary art by Susan Hensel. Susan Hensel received her BFA from the University of Michigan in 1972 with a double major in painting and sculpture and a concentration in ceramics. With a history, to date, of over 200 exhibitions, more than 30 of them solo, twenty garnering awards, Hensel’s desire to communicate ideas through art continues to be a powerful motivator.

Hensel’s artwork is known and collected nationwide, represented in collecting libraries and museums as disparate as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Getty Research Institute. There are major holdings at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, University of Washington, Baylor University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Archives pertaining to her artist’s books are available for study at the University of Washington Libraries in Seattle.

In recent years Hensel has been awarded multiple grants and residencies through the Jerome Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, and the Ragdale Foundation.

Hensel’s curatorial work began in 2000 in East Lansing, Michigan with the Art Apartment and deepened with ownership of the Susan Hensel Gallery. Hensel has curated over seventy exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists from all over the United States and Canada.
These works are an outgrowth of that sense of purpose, layered on hundreds of exhibitions, including dozens of solo shows, grants and residencies across a fifty-year span.

The exhibition, BOOKISH, opens at and on December 18 ,2020 and ends February 28, 2021.