BOMB Money Announces Bonus Offer to Celebrate Upcoming Blockchain Launch

BOMB Money is launching their highly anticipated blockchain, BOMB Chain, on Jan. 9, 2023. BOMB Chain is being custom-built and powered by Ankr. Its native token, BOMB, is pegged to Bitcoin – the first of its kind.
In celebration of the blockchain’s release, BOMB Money is offering investors who lock their BOMB for 90 days an incredible 2.5x the number of tokens, redeemable on BOMB Chain – that’s the equivalent of 600% APR. This incredible offer will help bootstrap the blockchain. 
The BOMB token will be the native token for BOMB Chain, the blockchain that will be used to power their mobile app and staking protocols. It is pegged to Bitcoin at a 10,000:1 ratio. This means that for just 4,000 BOMB tokens, taking advantage of the 2.5x bonus offer, you will receive 10,000 BOMB tokens after just 90 days redeemable on their revolutionary new blockchain. That’s the equivalent of 1 Bitcoin with the BOMB token at peg.
The BOMB Bonus Locking Offer is only available until Dec. 7 and only the first 1,000,000 BOMB tokens locked are eligible for this offer. Find out more at BOMB Money encourages responsible investing and encourages all investors to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. 
About BOMB Money  
BOMB Money is on a mission to become the safest and largest crypto-staking platform in the world by 2025. BOMB Chain empowers builders to enable the next generation of web3 products and services for everyone. The BOMB Mobile App will be the gateway to mass adoption for cryptocurrency.  
For more information about BOMB Money, please visit our website at or email us at You can also follow us on Twitter (@BombMoneyBSC). 
Source: BOMB Money