Bold Leads Releases New Seller Lead Generating Product

Bold Leads has released an advertising package for real estate agents that has never before been offered in this industry. The package, Surge, uses native advertising to generate seller leads for individual agents. Until Surge, the pricing for native ads was prohibitive for agents. Surge is offered at an affordable price with a great ROI.

Surge combines 2 brand new technologies into one powerful advertising system to generate more seller leads in any market, and to set you up to impress prospects and get listings. Native ads display to homeowners alongside articles, videos and blog posts that they are reading, and show as “suggested content”. This is a much less interruptive process and more of a contextual engagement process. Retargeting ads then maximize the ad spend by providing value to prospects after opting in, and setting up the real estate agent for success on the initial call.

Because of the increased exposure that Surge provides, it is best fit for teams or brokers who can handle a larger lead volume.

About Bold Leads
This family owned business offers seller lead generation with a complete CRM and automated follow-up system. To ensure the success of their clients, Bold Leads offers personal support and coaching as well as webinars, daily classes and a mastermind group.

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