Body-Positive Original Musical Series My Big Fat Blonde Musical Up for Your Emmy® Consideration in Outstanding Short Form Programming

The Emmy®-eligible first season of My Big Fat Blonde Musical is available on Youtube or the FYC Academy site for viewing. The series courageously navigates negative self-talk, body image, and resilience in the face of rejection in a light-hearted, 90-minute musical romp. Written, Created by Theresa Stroll & Rebecca McGlynn, Directed by Lisa K. Wyatt, and Produced by Emily Mae Heller & Big Fat Productions.
This nine-episode series follows underdog Terri Walker, an unapologetically self-loving fat actress looking to conquer Hollywood, only to be shut out at every turn. Despite scam artists, ruthless agents, questionable auditions, body-shaming trainers, and the pressure to give up – all accompanied by a chorus of negative internalized thoughts – Terri persists.
Theresa Stroll, also up for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy, Drama or Variety Series is the co-creator, composer, and star of the series shares, “My Big Fat Blonde Musical (MBFBM) is an expression of joy and a ‘permission slip’ to fully allow oneself not to change who one is in order to fit in. MBFBM challenges the irrational ideology that fat bodies don’t deserve dignity or respect. The musical has inspired all types of people who have felt rejected based on their appearance…This musical has given people the courage to stop waiting for their lives.”
A seven-year process from start to finish, co-creator and composer of the stage show and series, Rebecca McGlynn shared, “After our Fringe experience, we had to keep going. There was something special here. And the next step was adapting the stage play into the series. New characters, new songs popped up as we centered around Terri as the main character and her chorus of negative internalized thoughts as her antagonist.”
Inspired by shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as full-figured trailblazers like Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, and Adele, My Big Fat Blonde Musical sets its own tone with original music, comedy, and real-life moments that are relatable to everyone.
“One of the things I love about directing My Big Fat Blonde Musical,” says Director, Lisa K. Wyatt, “is getting to help put something positive into the world that fosters kindness. I’m really proud of what we accomplished and hope people enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed directing it. As a plus-sized actress myself with decades of experience in Hollywood, I have always made sure that I’m not just playing a fat joke, that every character I play is a legit human and not just the butt of a joke.” 
Academy Members can view episodes on the FYC screening website. Nominations-round voting is from June 17 – June 28.
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Source: Big Fat Productions