Bob Leonard Red Fox’s New Book, ‘Leonard’s Red Fox’, is a Marvelous Journal of a Horse-Breeder Raising Champion Horses With Passion and Determination

Bob Leonard Red Fox, a horse-lover, has completed his new book, “Leonard’s Red Fox”: a brilliant and remarkable diary about a breeder’s experiences of raising horses, seeing their beautiful characteristics, the different events they joined and achievements, and the success of using another approach in horse breeding.
Bob writes, “This book is a true story. No fiction! When I was a boy, my dad would not buy me a pony. This was just after the Great Depression. Money was scarce. A man working in the Youngstown steel mills would make about $5.00 a week before taxes.
“I needed $75.00 to buy a pony from Harry May’s horse farm. The first $50.00 I earned was by painting a house for my uncle Beryl. This took most of the month of June. I was ten years old at that time. The white paint went on thick. With the $75.00 I raised Dad took me to Harry May’s farm. Harry let a palomino stallion breed all the mares. One was a boy shotland, more than forty-seven inches tall. She produced a filly I picked out of the herd. I called her Beauty. She was a crass in size and color and had a Buckskin color and a size of fifty-two inches tall.
“I was a Boy Scout. I qualified to get a merit badge in horsemanship. When I sent in the information, the reply came back that I was the only scout that ever applied for the horsemanship badge. It would take a month to have the first and only badge ever made up. Just think – Ohio is the most popular state, and I was the only scout ever to get a horsemanship badge. I read about Arab horses. I bred Beauty to an Arab stallion and produced a beautiful buckskin filly. I later bred Beauty to a palomino, which produced a colt not a horse, but they were close to fourteen hands tall. This colt I called Blaze. The Loneranger stories were popular then. My friends asked why didn’t I call him Silver. No, I’d rather use my own name. I trained Blaze to do tricks. Blaze was the first to rear up like Silver and do other tricks.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Bob Leonard Red Fox’s new book is an inspirational account that conveys how passion, patience, skills, creativity, and determination can get someone to succeed. This book also shows appreciation of God’s creatures that are unique and beautiful.
Readers can purchase “Leonard’s Red Fox” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books