BoatTEST Shares Videos Worldwide announced today that it would share all of its boat test videos of current clients’ boats with 10 boating media companies, seven in North America plus three in the Pacific Rim. BoatTEST will be sharing 600 boat test videos on over 400 boats that are in production, as well as its product demonstration videos of engines, equipment and accessories. The videos are being distributed at no charge to the content-sharing partners. 
International Content Sharing
By marshaling the online audiences and e-newsletters of 11 marine media (BoatTEST plus ten others) companies, global marketers can now have their BoatTEST-generated videos seen by local audiences in five countries. “We expect to be sharing with boating magazines in more countries in the next few weeks,” said Jeff Hammond, CEO of 
Large International Audience
The newsletter opt-in subscriptions of the 10 media companies in the video-sharing network are about 400,000. All partners have weekly newsletters, except two – BoatTEST and the Fishing Wire – which are daily. The total monthly website unique visitors for the 10 websites are estimated at about 700,000.   
For boatbuilders, this sharing agreement means that the expensive and time-consuming boat tests they invested in by commissioning BoatTEST can now be shared with an audience over twice the size with no increase in rates. 
Conversely, by featuring a BoatTEST video on the publications’ websites and in their newsletters, media companies multiply the power of their print advertisers by following up with online video. This additional distribution is free to BoatTEST’s current clients.  
The Streaming VOD Revolution
On Sept. 15, 2000, BoatTEST was the first business of any type in the marine industry to stream video, beginning with 100 boat test videos. It was literally a world pioneer in streaming client content, starting in the days of dial-up when only 4% of U.S. households had broadband. It quickly discovered that boaters would stream the videos at the office, in addition to watching the dial-up slide show at home. Now 86% of U.S. households have broadband service and virtually all major businesses, but high viewership continues at the office.  
“By sharing BoatTEST videos, we are able to help publishers all over the world enhance their online offerings for the benefit of consumers, media companies, and their advertisers,” said CEO Hammond, a 52-year veteran of the boating industry.
Boating media companies interested in being considered as a BoatTEST content-sharing partner, should contact Jeff Hammond at