Blythe Starlight Releases The Essential Elements Collection

Blythe Starlight announced today The Essential Elements Collection, taking the crystal jewelry designs her customers love to the next level by pairing them with exclusive charms created to work with personal energy and the elements of nature. This is the most advanced collection released to date creating a high-touch experience for customers.
Jewelry lovers and those seeking the perfect holiday gift for the crystal-obsessed will want to take note of the signature collection launch as items are sure to sell out quickly. 
Key Features:  
Inspired by: 
The Medicine Wheel and 4 Cardinal Directions associated with the elements of nature. During a QHHT Session, intuitive artist Therese Tucker experienced a past life in which she was a Mayan Shaman, which explained why she felt a strong connection to the Medicine Wheel and the 4 Cardinal directions. This collection was created with the intention to help give the wearer a boost of energy where she may feel she is lacking, by calling on the directional energy and its associated elements. To add to this power, Therese created Sigils, or power symbols, that would activate the Subconscious mind to focus on the desired outcome. The Divine Protection Sigil Necklace, for example, has a desired outcome of feeling completely protected by the love of the Universe.  
Collaboration with:  
Blythe Starlight collaborated with design studio We Are Branch to bring Therese’s original drawings to life and give them a clean, modern esthetic. We Are Branch Studio is known for elevating brands and creating seamless luxury and was a perfect match to bring the Essential Elements Collection to life.
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Blythe Starlight is a lifestyle brand creating fine art and metaphysical accessories with a spiritual connection for a life of sacred luxury. All of Blythe Starlight’s creations connect to the spiritual world to form a lasting, meaningful bond with all those on a journey of Ascension. To see all the services and tools (of destiny) Blythe Starlight has to offer, visit Blythe Starlight.
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