Bluestocking Society Announces Major Rebrand: Now An All-Encompassing Career Crisis Management Firm

Bluestocking Society, a career crisis management firm, announced today a rebrand to include a suite of services for all stages of career advancement and personal development. Coinciding with the unveiling of the new brand and service offerings, Bluestocking Society launched an updated corporate website ( focused on client-facing solutions and their holistic, multi-faceted approach to get clients to where they’re meant to be.

“Our vision is to make a difference to those in the midst of a career challenge and for those who simply need help in figuring it out,” said Taylor Drake, Founder of Bluestocking Society. “Now, more than ever, people need human connection, support, and the knowledge that they have the power to upgrade their lives. Bluestocking Society’s goal is to equip people with the toolkit and resources to rise up from the metaphorical rubble and find purpose on their terms.”

The new Bluestocking Society logo is an evolution of the company’s previous logo, with a look and feel that embodies Bluestocking Society’s all-encompassing services and business vision. With rounded imagery and a sans serif font, the new typeface reflects the company’s approach to their work with clients: inclusive, overarching, and out of the box. A firm logo with soft edges elicits the feeling of being brought into the fold and having a safe and productive place to grow and utilize Bluestocking Society’s proven methods to create strategy and implementation plans that work.

The original logo had been used since the company’s launch and it was a natural evolution to update the design representation as the company itself has evolved in response to industry, and more specifically, client needs. “The new brand identity is more current and modern but still reflects the core of our company,” added Drake, “to help those how and when they need us. Approachability is important to us; as is our drive to see our clients reach new levels of success.”

Bluestocking Society is a boutique career crisis management firm focusing on success strategy planning, personal branding, crisis management, reputation management, communication plans, and personal and professional coaching. Bluestocking Society helps their clients by delivering bitesize and manageable improvement processes through honesty, effective methodology, and a commitment to success. To learn more and explore the new website, visit