Blue Microphones

Buy from Amazon US Customer Reviews: “A lot of people might look at the price of this microphone and get put off, but they’d make a mistake in doing so. If you are a musician, podcaster, or simply looking for great quality for your vocals, instruments, or whatever sound you want captured, the Blue Yeti Pro will more than do the job.I’d like to start out by saying the sound quality on this microphone is simply amazing. It easily dwarfs any other USB mic before it, and can even compete with some professional condenser studio mics made by Neumann or Rodes. It’s hard to believe this mic is an improvement from the original Yeti, but it is, and by at least 4 times, based on my personal estimation. For 250 this mic can’t be beat. You get features in this mic you’d need at least 5 mics for. Oh, and did I mention it’s also an audio interface that plays back at a 24-bit, 192khz sampling rate through the headphone port? And it sounds much better than it would on your laptop headphone port. This mic is fantastic and I recommend to anyone looking to do professional work at home.Update:For those of you disappointed in the audio quality of the Blue Yeti Pro I have some tips. First and foremost I would like you inform you that the Blue Yeti Pro is a flat response microphone. When you record you’re not gonna get any sort of coloration to your input. You should be getting clean, clear, noise free audio. If not you have a defective microphone and I suggest getting it exchanged.Now

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