BLOCKLORDS, Mini Miners, and Seascape Network Come Together to Raise Funds for Turkey Earthquake Victims

The Seascape Network has opened a wallet for users to donate to nonprofit AHBAP (The Foundation of Anatolian People and Peace Platform), which is working to provide aid to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. 
In addition to airdropping NFT gifts, Seascape, BLOCKLORDS, and Mini Miners will enter all donors into a raffle to win a rare BLOCKLORDS Gold Banner and will match the donation pool (up to $10,000).
On Tuesday, Seascape Network announced that the web3 entertainment family has created a donation wallet for its community and network to help provide shelter, medicine, food, and other necessities to those affected by the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes.
Donation Wallet: 0x475d914be8bef64368ef007db3bd7f302fee58af
“Seascape is fortunate to have exceptional Turkish team members who suggested this initiative. We’re hoping that together with our team, peers, and community, we can come together to provide some relief to those who are currently struggling.”
“Crypto donations provide accessible banking to those who may currently have little access to traditional banking in crisis zones, with little friction or unexpected charges,” said Founder and CEO David Johansson.
Other organizations within the Seascape Network are also stepping up to support those affected by the earthquake. 
Mini Miners will reward all users who donate over $5 with a free Mini Miners Special Mine NFT, which has in-game utility. Mini Miners releases Feb. 14. This resource management browser strategy game is set in a rich Tolkien-esque fantasy world, where players can collect miners, mushrooms, gold, and digital assets to grow their empire and earn rewards.  
BLOCKLORDS, an MMO medieval grand strategy game, harnessing the power of web3 gaming to provide players with complete ownership of their experiences, will randomly select one donating participant to win a Gold Banner, BLOCKLORDS’ most elusive asset, desired by all players but held by just a handful of its users. These highly sought-after items can be sold for a handsome price on the marketplace or exchanged for extremely limited, unique legendary heroes, which come with enhanced stats and nobility roles that let users rule over other players, claim land, and control region taxes in-game. 
Alongside the promise of a Gold Banner, BLOCKLORDS will be donating all proceeds from the sales of their basic chests within the donation window.
The Donation window will be open for seven days from Tuesday 14 Feb. 10:00 UTC – Tuesday 21 Feb. 10:00 UTC, and all proceeds will be donated to AHBAP.
Donation Wallet: 0x475d914be8bef64368ef007db3bd7f302fee58af
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