Blackstar Wash to Revolutionize Luxury Car Detailing in the GTA

Professional hand car wash and detailing service BlackStar Wash looks to revolutionize the luxury car detailing industry with their unique approach to customer satisfaction.
Having served the community from its Danforth and Kennedy location for over 14 years, this Toronto-based business looks to make its way into the high-end automotive detailing market with innovative new techniques and attention to customer service.
Having extensive experience servicing high-end cars, this detailing service specializes in detailing luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Tesla, Porsche, and Ferrari.
Detailing services include an interior and exterior car wash, interior detailing, seat detailing, and a floor shampoo. Additionally, this business provides specialized services that include a leather treatment for seats, a hand wax polish, an engine wash and a headlight polish.
“BlackStar is very proud to offer top-of-the-line services that meet the expectations of our VIP clients,” said BlackStar Wash owner Stiven Solomonov. “We’re passionate about providing great customer service, and we won’t be satisfied with our job unless you are.”
Mr. Solomonov explained that the high-quality services and competitive prices of his business have made it popular among clientele that have been singing its praises through word of mouth.
Despite its status as an industry veteran, Mr. Solomonov feels his business has something to prove. Mr. Solomonov wants to reach a wider market that may not be aware of his business and its services.
“BlackStar is like a secret that many Torontonians don’t know about. We’re an established business, so it’s sometimes surprising to new customers when they discover us.”
Mr. Solomonov takes the confusion in stride. “We have something to prove to each one of our customers. That’s why it’s true to say: ‘Toronto has a new luxury auto detailing company in town—BlackStar Wash!’
Source: Blackstar Wash