Black Friday Mulberry Protection Plan Sales Increased 208% Year Over Year

Mulberry, the consumer-first product protection company, has reported a 208% increase in protection plan sales year-over-year this Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season. Leading up to this major shopping event, Mulberry not only partnered with new retailers to embed protection plan offers on-site and post-purchase, but also collaborated on custom programs aimed at increasing retail sales and protection plan attachment.
Notable campaigns included 2-year protection plans for just $0.99 from home furnishings brand Interior Define, free 3-year protection plans on all mattresses from Allswell, and free 1-year protection plans site-wide from footwear brand Italeau. These unique promotions aimed to deliver increased value with each purchase, and in turn increase site conversion and sales.
“We’re honored to partner with such innovative brands who prioritize their customers’ experience with every campaign,” said Mulberry CEO Chinedu Eleanya. “Product protection has the ability to deliver on a great product experience for each customer, while also delivering improved conversion rates and sales for the brand when executed well.”
Mulberry also saw a surge in shoppers getting MulberryCare protection plans through the free Mulberry Chrome browser extension starting on Black Friday. The browser extension allows shoppers to get free 1-year protection plans on products they buy online from more than 5,000 retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Wayfair, and more.
This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers took advantage of protection plan offers across a wide range of purchases. The most popular durations were 3-year, 2-year, and 5-year plans. The top 10 most popular categories with protection plans were:
More and more shoppers are turning to brands that offer product protection to ensure their purchases last. According to Mulberry’s 2021 consumer survey, 47% of shoppers are more likely to choose a brand if they offer product protection plans, and 32% would not make a purchase if the brand didn’t offer protection plans. With shoppers exploring the influx of deals this past week, abandoning carts in increasing numbers, it’s all the more important that brands present value-add offers like product protection now and into the future.
About Mulberry
Mulberry is creating a better product protection experience for shoppers and brands. Mulberry’s people-first platform offers affordable plans, better coverage, and a great claims experience for online shoppers. Shoppers can get 12 months of free MulberryCare accident protection wherever they shop online with Mulberry’s browser extension available in the Google Chrome store. Mulberry also offers flexible integration options for brands to embed protection plan offers seamlessly into their customer journey, increasing customer engagement and average order value. Learn more about Mulberry’s product protection solutions at
Source: Mulberry