Black Dog LED Announces Digital 4/20 Discount Across Entire Store

Black Dog LED, a global leader in advanced LED grow devices and technology, today announced a discount of 20 percent sitewide across all of the company’s leading LED grow lights and grow kits, leading up to 4/20.
An LED grow light pioneer, Black Dog LED is responsible for many of the innovations that have made LEDs truly viable for replacing traditional grow lights.
In 2010, Black Dog LED created the first LED light incorporating a full spectrum from UV to Near-Infrared, the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®, producing the most powerful and high-yielding full-spectrum commercial grow lights.
“Indoor gardening surged in popularity during the pandemic as people discovered the joys of growing their own plants – a passion that will likely continue as we enter a new normal,” said Noah Miller, CEO, Black Dog LED. “We hope that this special helps spread the joy of cannabis cultivation, whether at home within our Grow Kits or at a larger scale with our PhytoMAX grow lights.”
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About Black Dog LED
Black Dog LED is a global leader in LED grow lighting, developing industry-leading products and technologies for industrial-level cultivators and hobbyist growers alike. The company most notably created the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum – a fine-tuned LED light spectrum for growing plants that maximize yield, quality, and efficiency. The company is proudly based out of Boulder, Colorado. For additional information, visit
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