BizzyCo LLC Announces the Launch of the BizzyWall: the First Customizable, Interactive Play Walls for Kids on Kickstarter

BizzyWall, developed by BizzyCo LLC, is the first completely customizable and interactive sensory play wall for kids now available for pre-order on Kickstarter through December 2021. BizzyWalls are designed to create quality, lasting educational play experiences for kids ages 1 to 6 with swappable BizzyTile components to grow and change with children.
BizzyWall was founded by Matt Buckby, an engineer, and Cameron Hahn, an entrepreneur, based on the need to create a play and learning experience that addresses children’s different senses supporting developmental milestone behaviors.
BizzyWalls are built to appeal specifically to children’s varying preferences, from their name at the top to the background imagery and an uploaded photo; parents and children can completely personalize the look and feel, and all the components of their BizzyWalls. The six interchangeable BizzyTiles can be customized with new gadgets to continually pique children’s interest, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. BizzyWalls can also be equipped with a 7″ LCD screen, and keyboard that allow for regularly updated, interactive educational content, photo displays, math, spelling, music, and more. The swappable BizzyTiles teach fine motor skills in addition to the digital modules designed to teach number and letter literacy with early childhood learning and development in mind. All BizzyWalls will be assembled in the United States from sustainable and reclaimed materials whenever possible.
Bizzywall: Design, Play, Learn.
BizzyWall’s Kickstarter campaign is open through November 16, 2021, with a variety of pledge and reward options available. To learn more, please visit
About BizzyWall
The BizzyWall concept was established in 2016 by Matt Buckby when he built the initial play wall for his son. A few years later and many iterations in between, these personalizable, interactive play walls are now available to the public through the launch of their 2021 Kickstarter campaign. For more information please visit
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