Bitdeer Group Outlines Global Computing Partnerships and Plans for Greener Cryptocurrency Mining

During the Second 421 Wet Season Festival and Mining Ecology Conference, Bitdeer Group, a global leader in digital assets mining through their cloud computing platform, announced the company’s vision to develop a globally strategic mining infrastructure.
“The Bitdeer Group has made preparations in order to adapt to the mining industry trends and market changes head on,” said Matt Kong, Bitdeer Group CEO, during the event.
Kong stated the digital asset industry is entering its strongest moment in history. The value of digital assets stem from the foundation of credibility due to blockchain’s decentralization property. “Creating Credible Value” is not only the theme of the conference, but also the business philosophy of the Bitdeer Group.
In addition to their mining hub in Asia, has partnerships with mining providers in North America and Europe. By distributing BitDeer’s computing power on a global scale,’s mining operations are more balanced and risk resistant. Bitdeer Group also has a myriad of high-performance mining machines and the ability to procure additional hardware to avoid bottlenecks due to global computer chip shortages.
Jihan Wu, Chairman of the Bitdeer Group, joined the conference via a webcast to welcome the Wet Season and share his insight on the bull market.
“In the long run, the blockchain industry is bullish and is the biggest opportunity. The innovations in this industry may even surpass the Internet itself,” Wu said to a full conference of miners and investors. Wu explained the main problems miners face are sharp drops in cryptocurrency prices which force miners re-evaluate risks. He noted other concerns, including the fact that mining has become increasingly specialized and centralized within large-scale operations.
Bitdeer Group is in a prime position to solve these issues with the group’s sheer computing power and short-term contracts. Wu also views institutional involvement as a positive sign that the mining industry has been recognized by mainstream investment funds.
Bitdeer Group is also advancing greener mining operations by using low-cost, clean energy solutions for all of their self-operated mines in China. The group will complete a 100M hydropower consumption park which will be put into use this year. “The trends in green energy and the beneficial impacts of hydropower for the mining industry will have long lasting effects,” Wu said. shares the risk of cryptocurrency mining with its customers by making it a priority for their customers to be paid back with an acceleration plan. has high-quality mining farms in Texas and Tennessee in the US as well as Norway and other countries to reduce risks for customers and help provide additional income from mining during this bull market run.
The second BitDeer 421 Wet Season and Mining Ecology Conference was co-sponsored by the Bitdeer Group,, Mining++,, Matrixport, and media provider Blockbeats.
Leading mining representatives at 421 Wet Season conference included:
The Bitdeer Group is committed to working with outstanding industry partners to build the top mining service ecosystem. By creating a rich and open mining ecology, cooperating with high-quality mining providers for mutually beneficial partnerships, and maintaining the highest standards of customer service as a trustworthy mining cloud service, the Bitdeer Group will “Create Credible Value” for the mining industry.
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