BitcoinBlack Announces Partnerships With Air Canada, Uber, Starbucks and Amazon

BitcoinBlack, the premium all metal Bitcoin credit card which is partially owned by FD7 Ventures, announced today that they have secured partnerships that enable members to receive perks with Air Canada, Uber, Starbucks and Amazon.
Now members can use their BitcoinBlack crypto wallet and credit card to redeem members-only offers from these four major brands.
“Exclusive offers are a big part of our member benefits,” said BitcoinBlack Chief Strategy Officer Phil Payjack. “We look forward to seeing the response from cardholders as the deals from these partnerships roll out.”
Only 1000 BitcoinBlack cards are due to be released globally this year, with delivery to clients around the world scheduled for June 15th, 2021. The BitcoinBlack all metal card is one of the first VIP-level Bitcoin credit cards available today. The exclusive card will connect to BitcoinBlack’s secure online cryptocurrency wallet, which will be available for download to all cardholders.
BitcoinBlack cards are available by invite only. Anyone interested in holding one of the 1000 cards that will be released globally this year can request an invitation via the company’s website at
Earlier this month, cryptocurrency investment fund, FD7 Ventures, announced that they had invested in BitcoinBlack, acquiring a 33% stake in the company. FD7 Ventures is regularly in the news for crypto-related developments, including the company’s recent announcement that they would be converting $750M of Bitcoin (BTC) to altcoins Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT). Shortly after that announcement, the company confirmed that they had finished converting their $380M in ADA transactions ahead of schedule.
About FD7 Ventures
With offices in Toronto, Dubai, and Bangalore, FD7’s team leads investments in all stages of blockchain and crypto projects and manages cryptocurrency assets for high-net-worth investors.
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