Birth of The Center for Africa Studies and Policy

The Center for Africa Studies and Policy (CASP), far from being a standard Western-style think tank, takes ideas to the operational and implementation level. It will serve as a reservoir of thoughts, a laboratory of ideas, a space for reflection, and a creator of stimulating debates. It will also propose action measures and engage in activities that further the process of actualizing these proposals.
The private, non-partisan, nonprofit and independent institution brings together bosses, experts, academics and researchers who have expertise in analyzing the major themes of the international agenda, particularly in the field of security and international affairs. CASP will play a vital role in the U.S. political space. As part of its strategy, Center for Africa Studies and Policy will develop partnerships and working relationships with universities, think tanks, research centers, and other institutions with influence over policy and decision-making processes in the U.S.
In addition, The Center for Africa Studies and Policy (CASP) operates in the areas of consulting, influence communication, business intelligence, strategic thinking, production of strategic events and training. The Center for Africa Studies and Policy (CASP) aims to help inform strategic decision-making in Africa and in the United States. Its mission is to conduct studies and strategic analysis at the national and international level in areas deemed strategic for Africa. It analyzes national structural issues, examines the external relations of African countries in their multiple dimensions and pays great attention to global issues. 
The mission of CASP is to help anticipate emerging global, regional, and national threats and challenges and their impact in African countries and on U.S. interests. CASP will utilize all tools at its disposal to address these issues and to propose effective solutions and responses.
The board of CASP includes Hakim Arif, Joshua D. Burt, Anis D. El Okbani, and Irina Tsukerman. Other board members and fellows are to be announced shortly.
Source: The Center for Africa Studies and Policy (CASP)