Billy Gene is Marketing Launches 4-Month Certification Program to Learn Advertising

Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, has launched a new certification program for advertisers. The four-month intensive program is for people who want to start a career in advertising, or marketing teams who want to advertise their own business in-house. Class is in session starting May 4 to August of 2021.
The Certified Advertising Geneius Program will be taught in weekly lessons, but this isn’t a standard classroom. This is a “million dollar experience”.
Each class is broadcasted live from their million dollar studio with a 15’8″ by 9’5″ LED wall and multi-cam online experience, 25 luxury theater recliners, production team, and curriculum designed to prepare students for the real world.
Over 80% of businesses fail within the first 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (1). There are 400 million small businesses around the world. When times are bad, businesses need customers. When times are good, they want more customers. And with over $121 billion spent on internet advertisements in 2020, world-class advertisers are desperately needed (2).
Billy Gene and his in-house marketing team will guide students as they build the in-demand skill set required to help businesses gain customers by using direct response advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The program is geared toward creating advertisements that sell, and attracting ideal customers consistently and predictably.
Billy Gene Is Marketing intentionally went the total opposite direction of a traditional marketing program: instead of costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking four years, this certification is $5,000 and can be completed in four months. The class will be taught by Billy Gene personally and class sizes are being kept small and intimate. Students must register before May 4, 2021, if they want access to the advertising certification. Students can attend training virtually or in-person at the Billy Gene Is Marketing headquarters in downtown San Diego.
Commencement will take place in November 2021 with a speech from a special guest. No spoilers, but you’re probably following this person and they’re a game-changer when it comes to growing businesses.
Those who are interested in getting their advertising certification from Billy Gene Is Marketing can speak with an enrollment advisor over the phone.
Billy Gene Is Marketing is a marketing education company based in San Diego with over 135,000 students in 75 countries. They’ve worked with some of the largest franchises in the world including Massage Envy, Orange Theory Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and many more. For more information, visit, or email
Source: Billy Gene Is Marketing